Kacie Swierk

Kacie is the founding and leading member of Albion West. She created this group with the hopes of forming a musical community that wouldn’t just “write to write” or “play to play” but instead push to create original music that digs into the heart of storytelling. Though at her core a pianist, Kacie continues to explore song through multiple instruments, tones, and voice. She holds a degree in Commercial Music from Indiana University, and increasingly is following the itch to plunge deeper into the world of composition. 

Jeremiah de la Peña

Jeremiah was born in Chicago, Illinois and was raised in the northwest suburb of Palatine. At age 12, he started his journey in music playing orchestral percussion and drum set in school, continuing to take every opportunity to learn and perform through his Bachelor of Music degree in Percussion Performance from Coe College in 2019. From indie-rock and pop-punk bands, to jazz groups and Orchestra Iowa performances, or musical theatre runs and cabaret shows, Jeremiah enjoys spreading his interests across as many genres as possible. Outside of music, you can find him either hanging with friends and family, in the kitchen cooking and trying out new recipes, on the mat staying active through yoga, or outside for a longboard ride in the fresh air.

Linnea Scott

Linnea, a Chicago native, has lived a very musical life. The show tunes and Simon & Garfunkel albums of her childhood led her to a degree in Cello Performance from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, OH) and Master of Music from Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu (Barcelona, Spain). Her love of folk and world music has grown through workshops with artists such as the Punch Brothers, Aofie O’Donovan, and Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. With music school behind her, Linnea hopes to further develop her musical voice, not only as a cellist but also as a singer and songwriter. If you’re not careful, she will talk your ears off about her dog Fig or her other love, CrossFit.